NBN Co G652D Fibre Optic 12f Ribbon (flat)

Commscope GB G657A2 V6 drop cable (round)

  • Operation steps are from left to right

For Corning SSS drop cable,

For Commscope SSS drop cable,

Prepare 0.9mm fibre cable for field Fast connector or splicing

Telstra Prysmian duct SMOF 12/12 cable

  • One loose tube with 12fibres inside the cable

  • The CSM running side/side with the loose tube

  • Diameter is 7.7mm

  • Two rip cords 180 degrees opposite to each

  • The install must rip both rip cords down the length of the cable, one at a time - then peel back the sheath like opening a banana

  • The installer must not rip only one cord, and try to remove the loose tube inside, otherwise as he pulls the 12 loose tube out of the cable he will kink or damage the tube

To separate a ribbon fibre (De-ribbonise)

  • Hold the ribbon cable and leave ~2cm at the end

  • Using the finger to move the ribbon fibre from side to side, with some strength, and the matrix will fell off, to become twelve 250um fibre