The PON power meter allows users to simultaneously measure signals in FTTH/PON networks:

  • upstream (1310nm burst-mode) from the ONT

  • downstream (1490nm & 1550nm) from the OLT

To place a Optical PON Power Meter in the link, as above:

As the system is turned on, the downstream 1490nm (& 1550nm if applicable) and upstream 1310nm power reading will appear on the screen.

The two optical ports (SC/APC) are physically connected in the optical link during testing.

To avoid wearing out the two PON power meter optical connectors, it is highly recommended to use two sacrificial patchcords (SC/APC to SC/APC), to be connected to the PON meter at all time.

Using the video inspection probe to check the connector end face regularly, change the patchcords accordingly.

Using PON power meter to test the SSS drop cable

Using PON power meter to test the Multi-port

PON meter comparison.pptx