Optical Single Fibre, Multi-Fibre (ribbon) Fusion Splicer Service

  • Carry out full functioanl checks

  • Full cleaning

  • Clean V-grooves

  • Check clean/replace Electrodes

  • Check adjust Microscope / Camera assemblies

  • Check clean/replace Mirrors (if fitted)

  • Upgrade software (if applicable)

  • Measure splice loss and record on issued report

Optical Fibre Cleaver Service

  • Change blade (blade is not included)

  • Carry out full functional checks

  • Clean bearings and internal parts

  • Check clean/adjust/replace Blade

  • Measure cleaved fibers and record on issued report

Optical Fibre Thermal Stripper Service

  • Carry out full functional checks

  • Check/clean/adjust/replace Blades

Available in genuine and high quality compatible spare parts

Fujikura CT-30 cleaver parts

  • Fibre transfer unit

  • Fibre capture bin

  • Plastic case, green or blue

Splicer Battery 'Re-pack'

'Old-for-New' battery re-packing service - bringing new life and performance to the following makes: Swift, Fujikura, Sumitomo, Fitel, INNO, JiLong

Quality mirror, CFUJIMIRR-1

for Swift series, Fujikura FSM series

Swift series splice rest tray

Sumitomo V-groove cleaning brush