Quality Fibreglass Rodder

  • 4.5mm ~ 16mm

  • Traceable rodder, refill rod

  • Spare frame

  • Repair kit

Bend cable pulley

PN: CP02

Bridge cable pulley

PN: CP01

Wellhead cable pulley

PN: CP03

Seat, Hanging Dual-Purpose Take-Up Pulley

Cable size: 25~240mm

Wright: 1~2.75kg

Load: 0.5~1T

Snake Cable Puller Rods

They are high strength, elasticity, toughness and abrasion resistant. It is durable, hard to break, anti-acid, anti-alkali and flame. They are also weather and UV proofing, can easily through three consecutive 90-degree turning points.

  • The Three Strands Threader, Model: A018,

  • diameter 6mm with 2 string of 2.5mm & 1 string of 3.0mm

Snake Cable Puller Steel Thread 3mm, 10~50m in length for selection

Spring plastic threader (A011) 3.7mm, default 25m