Quality Fibreglass Rodder

  • 3mm ~ 16mm

  • Traceable rodder, refill rod

  • Spare frame

  • Repairing

Cable Sock

  • Available for cable size from 6 ~ 100mm

  • P/N: CS-6~10, CS-10~15, CS-15~20, CS-20~25, CS-25~35, CS-30~35, CS-35~45, CS-45~60, CS-60~80, CS-80~100

Side Pull Cable Sock

  • CSSP-10~20 for cable size 10~20mm

Swivel (Rotary Connector)

  • φ9, 10, 12mm copper swivel with pulling strenght up to 136kg

  • φ14.7mm steel swivel with pulling strength up to 220kg

  • Also used as φ9, 10, 12, 14.7mm proving mandrel

Uni Knot

Proving Mandrels, 10 piece

  • PN: NBN-MandrelSET10:
    In sequence: yellow, green, white, black, red, blue, green, white, black, white

  • Individual mandrel available 17 ~ 75mm

Conduit Slippers, is designed to protect the cable from scraping the conduit mouth.

  • For the conduit sizes of 35, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125, 150 mm

  • P/N: UCS35, UCS46, UCS80, UCS95

Bend cable pulley

PN: CP02

Bridge cable pulley

PN: CP01

Wellhead cable pulley

PN: CP03

Seat, Hanging Dual-Purpose Take-Up Pulley

Cable size: 25~240mm

Wright: 1~2.75kg

Load: 0.5~1T

Balloon Line Carriers

Shaped like a balloon, with a rigid plastic mouth to ensure the balloon stays inflated.

Bag Line Carriers

Shaped like a an open topped bag with tie off eyelets to ensure the balloon stays inflated.

Triple Parachute Line Carriers

Triple Parachute Construction For Fast Stringing, Compatible With Clean Conduit With Minimal Bends.

Blitz Mini 1.2mm X 35m Fiberglass Rodder Pulling Tool

  • 1.2 mm diameter fibreglass

  • Ideal for 5mm conduit

Snake Cable Puller Steel Thread 3mm, 10~50m in length for selection

Snake Cable Puller Rods

They are high strength, elasticity, toughness and abrasion resistant. It is durable, hard to break, anti-acid, anti-alkali and flame. They are also weather and UV proofing, can easily through three consecutive 90-degree turning points.

  • The Three Strands Threader, Model: A018,

  • diameter 6mm with 2 string of 2.5mm & 1 string of 3.0mm

Spring plastic threader (A011) 3.7mm, default 25m