NetComm FTTC Installation Assistant with G.Fast Test Kit

NetComm FTTC Spare Magnetic Testing Wand

NBN GPON Buz Test kit U-BuzTest

Buz testing is required for each DPU affected if any of the following occurs after the workbook

has been submitted;

• there is a change in the DFN or LFN (re-splice, patch, fibre path, etc.)

• more than one patch cable is disconnected at the exchange

The Buz tester is composed of the following parts;

• GPON ONT SFP (pre-registered with

SFP is not included and is supplied by your contracted delivery partner

• USB to SFP adaptor

• USB power source

• Fibre patch lead (ASC/ASC ~1m)

• OptiTap™ adaptor