NBN Tandem Telstra Onion bag for joint holder kit

Sleeve, PE, 7.5mm, U.Sleeve,PE7.5mm.x

  • Transparent in colour of Green, Orange, Blue

Identification collet, 9mm ID, U.IC9mm.x

  • In colour of Green, Grey, Orange, White, Blue, Brown

Dexseal 10 Pair Lead-In Non-re-entereable Closure

Picabond splice connectors U210X

  • U2105: Blue stripped Picabond splice connector

  • U2104: Green stripped Picabond splice connector

  • UY2 connector

  • UR2 connector

  • Others

Connectors, 2 wire, 0.40 to 0.90mm

  • Box of 500

  • PN: U.51300182

Connectors, make before break

  • Box of 250

  • PN: U.51300183

Rosin Solder Wire SWR-0.8-2

High purity, 0.8mm/2m

Butane gas refill

  • 300ml

PF cleaning wipes, bucket, U.51300176

  • 100 wipes in a bucket impregnated with PF Solvent for cleaning and degreasing cables and closures

  • Includes paper roll in foil bag in bucket

Sealant 10B, 250gm, Dexbond

U51300173 kit includes:

  • 1x 10B Sealant Cartridge - 225ml (packed in foil bag)

  • 1x Mixing Nozzle (U51300204)

  • 3x Wet/Dry Wipes

  • 1x Pair Vinyl Protecting Gloves

  • 3x Abrading Strip (P40)

  • 1x Installation Sheet

Airblock sealant