Quante Term Tool U5050C

Quante Tool, Jig Termination IDS ISGM NBN, TELSTRA

Pouyet IDC Termination Tool U5056B

This IDC Termination tool is compatible with a variety of 3M Series block styles and is appropriate for wire gauges of 26 to 20AWG and a maximum wire insulation diameter of 1.5mm.

Krone Punchdown Tool U1091D

  • With rivet, stronger

  • With lock function

  • Adjustable Cut On / Cut Off

  • "Cut end" with adjustable function for different wires diameter

Siemens Termination Tool blue U5040

  • Flame retardant ABS body, high speed steel with solid performance

  • For Siemens 71series terminal block termination,blue and grey

  • Cuts excess wire in one click operation

  • Ensures proper insertion of wire

CORNING Punch Down Tool red U5039

Mini Wire Cutter U5016A

  • Easy and safe to use

  • Punch down wires on modular connectors

  • Strip twisted-pair UTP/STP data cables, wires and terminates wires into 110 blocks

  • Great for CAT-5, CAT-5e, and CAT-6 data cable

  • Length: 9cm

110 IDC Impact Punchdown Tool, U1093

R&M Terminating Tool For CMUX 353/00998 UMADR300069

Crimping Pliers for Scotchlok UR UG UY Connectors U5053-X

  • Item Name: Wiring sub crimping pliers

  • Scope: for two-wire connection, K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K7, 3M wiring and the like

  • Usage: inserting the two wires into the holes, pressing down with pliers

  • Comes with insulated handles of Type-2 & 3.

3M Quante Test Lead HD MCCS

  • 4 wires (UQUA430-121). TEL430/121

  • 2 wires (UQUA430-120), TEL430/120

Krone type DisConnect module

To test voice signal & Foot Cable RJ11 plug (2 wires) U1308 or Alligator Clips (2 wires) U1309

Line fast detection alligator clips

  • with banana plugs

  • with BNC connector

  • Others

Iroda Gas Soldering Iron PRO 50

  • 4mm tip

SI-B161 Battery Operated Professional Soldering Iron

  • Reach 185ºC in 12 seconds.

  • 190 (L) x 38.3 (H) x 21.8 (W)mm

  • 3 x 1.5V AA Alkaline

  • ~30 minutes continuous use

  • 9W (max) / 450°C

Picabond Crimp Connector Tool

  • A: For blue Picabond U2105

  • B: For green Picabond U2104

NetComm FTTC Installation Assistant with G.Fast Test Kit

  • hard carry case

  • magnetic testing wand

  • battery and charger

Spare Magnetic Testing Wand

It is for reset the DPU

Spare Battery Pack

  • Li-ion, 10.4Ah

Netcomm FTTC Charging Kit

  • 240 V AC to 12 V DC adaptor with IEC-C7 cable

  • 12 VDC Charge lead with cigarette lighter plug, Charging Cradle

AMP Stack Mark IV Tooling Kit

Jig, joint cable retention

For supporting & stabilize

cables/conductors in closures

during pouring of sealant and curing.


Tester, OJ dome pressure, kit


Universal pressure gauge, with relief valve


  • The cover for testing Large , Heat Shrink O/J’s (orange in colour), U.51300221

  • Dome pressure tester, small O/J (black in colour), U.51300220