Multifunction QAM Analyzer DS2460Q

  • D3.1 ready (1.2 GHz frequency range), Up to 1.22GHz downstream, 120MHz upstream

  • Multiple channel plans with learning mode

  • (Downstream) Power, MER, BER measurement (NBN job essential)

  • Return Path (Upstream) & Forward spectrum scan

  • One-button “MiniScan” to test the selected channels with Power, MER, Pre- & Post-BER

  • Pass/Fail limit test functions AUTO storage

  • Pre and Post BER analysis

  • BER, ES, SES, Corrected/Uncorrected bit error

  • Tilt measurements display (12 channels)

  • AC-DC voltage measurements including HUM

  • Measurement data storage, Management Toolbox PC software, Life time software upgrade

Magnavox / Philips Return Seizure Test Port Probe 2101123

Does NOT pass power

Long Distance Cable Finder U820

  • Up to ~10km in length

  • Adjustable sensitivity for coarse and fine searching

  • AC interference rejection

  • Tone trace live cable with alligator clip up to AC400V high voltage

  • Trace any cable that contains metal rod or wire

Searching the coax cable

Step-1: Clip the Transmitter on the coax cable PVC jacket

Step-2: Hearing the Receiver to find the cable

Sensitivity on both Transmitter and Receiver can be adjusted, and the Receiver signal level indicator can help to identify the cable under searching

DS2831: Digital TV Spectrum Analyzer

Whether you’re an installer, a contractor, a service engineer or a headend engineer, the DS2831’s broad suite of customizable tools makes it the ultimate test instrument for validating OFDM/DOCSIS 3.1 networks. Tie it all together with the Deviser EDGE platform for managing assets, firmware upgrades, channel plans, and measurement results.

  • Real spectrum analyzer performance from 4 – 1.22 GHz (optional extension to 2.15 GHz)

  • Downstream & Upstream Spectrum Analysis cover DOCSIS 3.1 frequency bands

  • Spectrum Persistence Analysis: any frequency band, max span 206 MHz

  • In-service Error Vector Spectrum identifies interference under OFDM and SC-QAM carriers with no interruptions in service

  • ITU-T J 83 Annex A/B/C/D, QAM; auto-detects channel parameters

  • Full DOCSIS3.1 capabilities with downstream OFDM and 32x SC-QAM bonded carriers, and upstream OFDM transmit feature with 8x SC-QAM bonded carriers

  • Forward/Reverse passive non-intrusive sweep (does not require US sweep receivers for up to 51.2 MHz of high resolution sweep response in the Upstream path)

  • Integrated Upstream Signal Generator (J.83A/B-FEC)

  • Transport stream analysis with TR 101 290 Monitoring, auto-generated program lists, and program-channel mapping

  • Gated Measurements: in-service CCN, CSO, CTB, CLDI, DG/DP, DOM, ICR tests

  • Optical features such as OPM, VFL, and an optional Fiberscope

  • Highly responsive capacitive touchscreen

  • Auto Test

  • Deviser EDGE asset and test data management software