Digital QAM Analyzer DS2600C

  • Fast Spectrum Analysis: 4~1220MHz, 4~2150MHz
  • Spectrum Persistence Analysis: any frequency band, max span 206MHz
  • Integrated DOCSISI 3.0 Cable Modem
  • Integrated Upstream Signal Generator(no FEC)
  • Support ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C
  • Reverse Path Sweep
  • Error Vector Spectrum: In-service Check Interference Signal which is covered by QAM Signal
  • Gated Measurement: In-service measurement C/N, CSO, CTB
  • Auto Test
  • Asset and Test-data Management Software
  • WiFi Analysis
  • User groups, for individual user or groups for Telstra, NBN, Foxtel, etc.
  • Life time software upgrade

Magnavox / Philips Return Seizure Test Port Probe 2101123

Does NOT pass power

DS2800 Cable TV Analyzer

The “all-in-one” tool for performing installation, verification and maintenance of the cable network. Its unique features, such as persistence testing and EVS analysis, enable technicians to quickly detect and isolate impairments that were not visible in the past.


  • Fast spectrum analysis with 80 dB dynamic range
  • QAM/Digital TV analysis
  • Integrated DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem
  • Ultra-fast QAM signal lock
  • Gated measurements
  • Equalizer, frequency response and group delay
  • FCC Analog/Digital Proof-of-Performance automated tests
  • Transport stream (TS)/MPEG analysis in PID with TR-101 290 MPEG monitoring
  • Persistence testing
  • In-Service error vector spectrum (EVS) testing
  • Simultaneous display of QAM and spectrum analysis
  • Integrated return path sweep
  • Upstream signal generator
  • Wifi Analysis
  • IP Test
  • Life time software upgrade

Multifunction QAM Analyzer DS2460Q

  • D3.l ready (1.2 GHz frequency range)
  • Up to 1.22GHz downstream, 120MHz upstream
  • Multiple channel plans with learning mode (NBN job essential)
  • (Downstream) Power, MER, BER measurement (NBN job essential)
  • Return Path (Upstream) & Forward spectrum scan (NBN job essential)
  • One-button “MiniScan” to test the selected channels with Power, MER, Pre- & Post-BER
  • Pass/Fail limit test functions AUTO storage
  • Pre and Post BER analysis
  • BER, ES, SES, Corrected/Uncorrected bit error

  • Tilt measurements display (12 channels)
  • AC-DC voltage measurements including HUM
  • Measurement data storage
  • Ethernet & Micro USB ports
  • User-friendly operation (ICON-GUI)
  • Color display 2.8” (320×240 TFT LCD)
  • Management Toolbox PC software
  • (Optional) built-in TDR, available soon
  • Life time software upgrade