CWDM, DWDM channel analyser

  • Analyze CWDM, DWDM channel simultaneously

  • Results can be viewed in a list or graph format

  • Over 5 hours' continuous operation

Handheld Optical Spectrum Analyzer AE8100x

  • Small 3kg / 252x184x76mm

  • λ resolution 0.2nm

  • OSNR dynamic range over 30dB

  • Range: +20 ~ -40dBm

  • Low cost

  • 7" LCD touchscreen

  • Operates for more than 8hrs on full charge

  • Dedicated models for C & L band
    (1527~1567) or (1570~1610) nm

  • Rapid sweep in full range <3s

  • Data ports includes LAN, USB, SD card

Optical Spectrum Analyzer AE8600

  • Single mode and multi-mode wavelength range from

  • 600nm to 1700nm

  • Accuracy with λ resolution up to 0.02nm and built-in calibration source

  • Wide range of power measurement from +20dBm to -90dBm and wide dynamic range up to 73dB typical

  • Outstanding wavelength & power measurement

  • WDM, Laser, and EDFA test modes

  • 10.1" 1280x800 TFT touchscreen LCD

  • Multiple data storage and interface – LAN (RJ-45), USB, RS232, GP-IB … etc.

  • Customizable auto-test scenario