Patchcords & Pigtails

  • Connector: SC, ST, LC, FC etc.

  • Polish: PC or APC

  • Duplex or simplex

  • SM, OM1, OM3, OM4, OM5

  • In various colour, PVC or LSZH

12 fibre SC/APC Singlemode G652D 9/125um Ribbon Fanout Pigtail 3m Breakout, SC/APC length is 0.5m, P-12FAN3m-SCA0.5m

12 Fibre Pigtail

  • Pigtail 12 fibre 1.5m/Φ0.9mm, pack of 12 coloured

  • Fibre type: SMF, OM1, OM3, OM4, OM5

  • Connector type: SC, LC, ST etc, PC or APC

Mode Conditioning Patchcord (MCP)

  • Long Haul to Short Haul LX Gigabit System

  • Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-LX (1300nm long wavelength)

  • Differential Mode Delay (DMD) elimination

  • Consistent Offset

  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3z, GR-326-Core

LC Connector with Different Boot Size

Short boot size (x) can be 15mm, 18mm, 20mm.

MPO/MTP Rack Mount Panels

  • Easy to install and operate

  • 19” standard structure

  • Sliding drawer design

  • Max capacity 72 fibers for 1U, 288 fibers for 4U

  • OM3 fiber for 10G gigabit network

Patchcord on a cardboard reel with a pulling sock on the external end

Such package contains max length of 200m

Outdoor Waterproof Cable, Patchcords & Adapters

  • I.L < 0.3dB, R.L > 50dB @ 1310/1550 nm

  • Connector: UL 94V-2

  • IP68 rated

Armoured Cable & Patchcords

Indoor/outdoor unitube non-metallic micro cable

  • SM, MM, up to 12 fibre

  • Aramid yards

  • Cable diameter 4.2mm

Unitube Non-metallic Non-armored Cable

  • SM, MM, up to 12 fibre

  • Two parallel Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP)

  • Cable diameter 10.2mm

Indoor Ruggerdised Cable & Patchcords

  • Good mechanical and environmental performance

  • Flame (or retardant) performance to meet the requirements of relevant standards

  • Mechanical and physical properties of the sheath to meet the relevant requirements of the standard

  • Soft, flexible and convenient, and supports high-capacity data transmission

4.5-Double Sheath Optical Fibre Cable

  • G.657A2

  • Fibre count: 24

  • Cable diameter: 4.5mm