The long term cooperation between Unitrek and the Optical Imaging & Sensing Laboratory of the the Tsinghua University, the Top Global University for Engineering by U.S. News in 2017

Slide Scanning Image Analysis System SQS1000

It is designed for seamlessly slicing tens of thousands of pathological slices into a complete slice.

  • Real-time focusing device
  • Apochromatic 40 × 0.75 Objective with large luminous flux, high image resolution
  • Quick scan, slice without distortion
  • Multi-chip automatic scanning
  • Multi-mode to adapt to different slice needs
  • Automatically identify the scan area

Dimensions / Weight: 650 x 398 x 416mm / 20kg

Microscope objective: 40 × / 0.75

Slice capacity: 1

Camera System:

  • Scan camera: 5 million pixels (CCD)
  • Location camera: 8 million pixels (CCD)

Scanning speed: ≤180S (15 × 15mm, 40X)

Light source Infinity LED lighting system

Resolution: 20 ×, 0.52 μm / pix; 40 ×, 0.26 μm / pix Support bar code: Automatic identification of one-dimensional, two-dimensional code

Software system:

  • Scan control software
  • Reading reading software

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is based on low-coherence interferometry, typically employing near-infrared light. The use of relatively long wavelength light allows it to penetrate into the scattering medium. Confocal microscopy, another optical technique, typically penetrates less deeply into the sample but with higher resolution.

  • Live sub-surface images at near-microscopic resolution
  • Instant, direct imaging of tissue morphology
  • No preparation of the sample or subject
  • No ionizing radiation

Fluorescence Algae Analyzer (FAA) is an instrument to measure the growth of algae, to give an early warning for the harmful algal.

  • Field real-time monitoring of the type and concentration of algae
  • Customers can create their own reference data
  • High sensitivity, high resolution
  • Simple operation, easy dexterity
  • Long sentinel surveillance