E8900A 5G portable spectrum analyzer

  • Sweep range covers from 9kHz to 9GHz

  • High sweep speed-30GHz/s (@7.8kHz RBW)

  • 100MHz real-time analysis bandwidth

  • Downlink signal demodulation analysis of 5G NR base station

  • IQ data acquiring

  • Portable design, light weight, and easy to carry

Spectrum analysis

  • Frequency measuring range: 9kHz to 9GHz

  • 20dB Preamplifier

  • Tunable attenuator of 0-50dB

  • High sweep speed:
    RBW=7.875k 30GHz/s
    RBW=15.75k 37GHz/s
    RBW=31.5k 43GHz/s

5G NR Spectrum Measurement

The upper window shows the time domain waveform of a 10ms (20ms or 40ms) 5G-NR frame with SSB and the spectrum in the lower window, shows the spectrum symbol in a specific time slot.

5G NR base station analysis

  • Support 5G NR FR1 : Sub-6GHz band measurement

  • Support 5G NR base station downlink signal measurement

  • Supported measurements includes:
    ● Physical Cell ID(PCI)
    ● Beam ID
    ● PBCH Channel Constellation
    ● PBCH Channel EVM
    ● SS-RSRP
    ● SS-RSRQ
    ● SS-SINR
    ● PBCH Channel Power

G NR base station analysis

In 5G NR, the concept of the “beam” is defined. The SSB is sent in a period of 20ms (default), and 8 (or 4) SSBs are transmitted in the first 5ms of each 20ms. Each SSB represents a Beam and is sent to a different direction. E8900A can test the physical cell ID (PCI) of the base station and the beam ID and power (SS-RSRP) of the current location.

5G NR drive test

  • The 5G NR drive test can test the signal intensity coverage of the 5G base station, and the 5G road test is divided into indoor test and outdoor drive test.

  • The parameters such as PCI, Beam ID and SS-RSRP obtained at each test point are automatically saved.

4G LTE base station analysis

  • RB Power

  • Constellation

  • Subframe Spectrum

  • Channel Power

5G NR interference detection

  • Support locating 5G NR signals interfering Zhongxing 6B satellites

  • Four screens are displayed simultaneously
    ● Spectrum
    ● Constellation
    ● Antenna direction angle
    ● Power in all directions

Other interference analysis

  • Spectrogram (waterfall display)

  • DPS

  • Interference Direction Finding (Support optional handheld DF antenna, Correlative interferometer DF antenna)