Battery repack

  • Replace the internal rechargeable batteries

  • Repair the battery pack

Gas detector service

Replace sensors, pump, filter, etc. for Honeywell, U836 series 4-in-1 gas detectors.

Replace re-chargeable batteries.

Honeywell gas detector repair

  • Fix the broken tip

Repair the battery connection

for 16NDD02030201, NetComm FTTC Installation, Assistant with G.Fast Test Kit

Change VFL ceramic sleeve

The Visual Fault Locator (VFL) uses ceramic sleeve to achieve better alignment, with the penalty of the broken ceramic sleeve sometimes.

The following illustrates the step-by-step method to replace the broken ceramic sleeve.

Tips using VFL

  • Loosing the metal tube to disconnect the battery to avoid on accidentally

  • Turning while plugging in the connector to avoid break the ceramic sleeve

Various brands fibre testers repair

  • Internal optics

  • Battery

  • Others

Fibre glass rodder repair

  • Splice for broken rodder

  • Replace heads

  • Using hydraulic crimping tool