Optical educational modular kit

  • Optical splitter 1 x N: FTTX PON, FDH; N can be 4, 8, 16, 32
  • Optical circulator: Control the optical signal travel direction
  • Optical Isolator: Protect lasers and optical amplifiers from returning reflected light
  • Optical Mechanical Switch: Switch optical signal on and off
  • Optical Power Monitor: Monitor the optical power
  • Optical Coupler: Split or combine optical signals
  • Optical WDM coupler: Split optical signals into multiple paths by wavelength
  • Optical Attenuator: Fixed, variable attenuation
  • Optical fiber cable xx km: Simulate fiber link between OLT to LCP, typical 5~15 km; Simulate fiber link between LCP to NAP, typical 2~10 km

OTDR Link Simulation Box

Total of 5.6 km network simulator configuration:

  • About 1km SMOF
  • A mechanical Splice
  • About 1.2km SMOF
  • A fusion splicer joint
  • About 1km SMOF
  • A bad mated point
  • About 1.4km SMOF
  • Adjustable attenuator (VOA)
  • About 1km
  • The connector interface of SC/APC, or user defines

Resolution refers to a minimum reading can be measured. In 4.000 range, the resolution is 0.001, it is usually called a "word."

Accuracy is generally called "precision" or “uncertainty”, eg. ± (1.5% + 3), which specifies the measurement uncertainty of "measured value of 1.5% plus a “word””, described as follows:

The full range of 4.000, for the measurement of 2, the uncertainty is to be calculated:

± (2.000 × 1.5% + 0.003) = ± 0.033