The PON power meter allows users to simultaneously measure signals in FTTH/PON networks:

  • upstream (1310nm) from the ONT
  • downstream (1490nm & 1550nm) from the OLT

To place a Optical PON Power Meter in the link, as above:

As the system is turned on, the downstream 1490nm (& 1550nm if applicable) and upstream 1310nm power reading will appear on the screen.

The two optical ports (SC/APC) are physically connected in the optical link during testing.

To avoid wearing out the two PON power meter optical connectors, it is highly recommended to use two sacrificial patchcords (SC/APC to SC/APC), to be connected to the PON meter at all time.

Using the video inspection probe to check the connector end face regularly, change the patchcords accordingly.

PON meter comparison.pptx