Press the POWER, the LED shows green means battery is sufficient, the red suggests the time to charge.

The PROBE socket is for connection to the probe.

The SD Card slot is for a SD memory card that stores the images.

The CONTRAST rotary switch is a multi-functional:

Press down the CONTRAST to enter the menu, which allows to access:

Press down to nevigate and rotate left or right to increase or decrease the values.

UVM-WiFi Video Inspection Apps

For iPhone & iPad:

For Android user:

UVM-WiFi android.apk

To operate:

Change UVM Video Inspection tip

Optical Fibre Identifier EFI-50, the min detectable power in a 3mm SMF cable:

Using PC & APC tip for APC connector

The UVM103 Video Inspection kit is able to use the PC tip to inspect the APC connector.