H.SR100xx  straight run molding / duct, xx=color, 1 BOX = 24.4 meters,  1 Box = 10 pieces of 2.44 m

H.CL100  straight run standard mounting CLIP 1" / Brackets, only gray color

H.CO100xx1 coupling fitting, xx=color

H.IC100xx1 inside corner fitting, xx=color

H.OC100xx1 outside corner fitting, xx=color

H.RA100xx1 right angle fitting, xx=color

H.TE100xx1 tee fitting, xx=color

Bell adapter pkg = 50 each box

H.BO300xx 1, xx=color

H.BO600xx 2, xx=color

H.EC100xx 1 end cap fitting, xx=color, pkg = 100 each box

H.RD175xx 1 X 3/4 reducing fitting

H.OA1-58xx 1 offset adapter

H.XHC1251 sheet metal shear,

cuts straight run molding, to desired length.

H.XEK050HD 1/2" entry key - 

CR dCT puller tool, re-enter 1/2” molding

PVC white internal rectangular duct

PVC duct accessories

how to create end cap fitting

The CableReady End Cap fitting (P/N H.EC100x) and Outside Corner fitting (P/N H.OC100x) share the same manufactured physical layout and shape. Both are bent into shape in the field, and the End Cap fitting also requires cutting. To create End Cap fitting, please follow the steps:

Step 1: Bend the fitting 90º and insert clip into position

Step 2: Using cutters, cut part along the red line shown

Step 3: The final shape of the End Cap fitting should look

similar to the image below and to the left.