handheld TDR cable fault locator U612

NBN GPON buz test kit    U-BuzTest

buz testing is required for each DPU affected if there is a change in the DFN or LFN (re-splice, patch, fibre path, etc.) or more than one patch cable is disconnected at the exchange.

The Buz testing requires of the following items:

•  GPON ONT SFP (pre-registered with integration@nbnco.com.au), which should be supplied by your contracted delivery partner

•  USB to SFP adaptor, USB power source (optional)

Fluke Networks PRO3000

LAN Test Equipment of Tone Generation

VDSL / xDSL Tester U332V

Copper & Fibre Multi Tester U600

G.Fast tester U332G

NetComm FTTC installation assistant with G.Fast test kit

Netcomm FTTC charging kit

spare battery pack

spare magnetic testing wand

for reset the DPU

buttphone U230F

U8868 digital cable tester

Checking errors such as open, short circuit, jumper, reverse, crossover, matching connection and graphic wire mapping for RJ11, RJ45 (5E/ 6E), coaxial, USB cables.

The Search Line feature allows to find the DUT cable in a number of lines, with anti-interference and high sensitivity. 

The cable length measurement can arrival 1200 meters by M-S, M-R and OPEN, with accuracy up to 98%.

loop resistance, capacitance & foreign voltage test switch box