Cable Management Accessories

  • M6x12 Cabinet Rack Mounting Screw+Washer+Cage nut

FTTH Tension Drop Wire Clamp

  • For FTTH drop cable

Detectable Underground Warning Tape

  • TE/T2011-P, White, 150mm x 500m


Warning tape - Optic Fibre Cable Do Not Disturb

  • 66m roll

  • Telstra 141/281

Brady BMP21-PLUS label printer, and cartridge of

  • M21-750-499 Black on white (19.05mm X 4.88M) nylon cloth

  • M21-­1000-­427 Black on white/Transparent (25.40mm X 4.3M) Self­laminating Vinyl

Brady BMP41 label printer

Includes: Hard Case, Nickel Battery Pack, MC1-1000-595 W/b Cartridge, USB Cable, Ac Adaptor, Product Cd, Printer Drivers CD, Quick Start Guide

Prints up to 250 labels per day at a print speed of 33mm per second

PAN PCMB1, Wire Marker Book Cloth Type Material

PAN PCMB-3: Legend: 1-45, 10 markers per legend, 10 pages per book

Brady heat shrink cable marker white

  • ELAT-18-361

  • Size 24.13 x 19.05

  • Pack of 1000 or 2500

Cable K-type marker

  • Numbers 0 ~ 9

  • Letters A ~ Z

  • Symbol "-"

For yellow Polyurethane Cable Marker both BMP61 & BMP71:

  • BM71-10X60-7643-YL 10x60mm 250 labels

  • BM71-10X75-7643-YL 10x75mm 250 labels

  • BM71-15X75-7643-YL 15x75mm 250 labels

To print the black wording on the yellow cable marker:

  • M61-R6010 Ribbon suitable for BMP61 Printer, Black 50.8x22.85m

  • M71-R6000 Ribbon suitable for BMP71 Printer, Black 45.72m

BMP61 Printer

Includes: software, hardcase, AC adapter/battery charger, NiMH rechargeable battery, USB cord, utility strap, PTL-19-423 label, M61-R6010 ribbon, quick start guide and driver disks.

BMP71 Printer

Includes: software, hardcase, AC charger/AC Adapter, NiMH rechargeable battery, M71-31-423 label, R6000 ribbon, roll adapter, USB cord, quick start guide, CD, printer driver and user guide.

TENIO accessories - FSD/FSL Cable (3) Sealing Kit

  • 3x Flat Cables 3/5mm x 6/9mm

  • CommScope PN: TENIO-SKG3-3/5x6/9

  • NBN PN: 10023618

Fiber closure cable termination unit

  • Large for up to 16 mm diamter cables

  • Replacement for TENIO-CTU-L-(10) NBN PN: 10023628

115472-000 (F) FIST-GCO2-RSK-16-LTS Round port heat shrink seal kit for FIST-GCO2-Bx16-NV


TDUX-IT-16 inflation tool


T-DUX CO2 cartridge 10 bottles

TDUX Inflatable Duct Sealer

  • TDUX-100 for 75-110mm I.D.

  • TDUX-60 for 45-60mm I.D.

  • TDUX-35 for 25-35mm I.D.

TDUX application

Jackmoon Quadplex Duct Plug

  • JM-QUA-40Q136S

  • ID 100 -104 mm. Cable 31-34mm

Jackmoon Optus Triplex

  • JM-TRI-21B070SGB-AUS

  • Sealing kit c/w 1x50mm Triplex, bushing sleeves & Hole Plugs

Jackmoon Simplex Duct Plug

  • ID 50-53mm Cable 30-35mm

  • JM-SIM-21S136SG

Corning SCF-KT-G62-F

  • kit, 3-hole grommet, SCF-6, flat cable

Indoor wall-mount distribution box UIW48

  • Material: cold roll steel

  • Adapter port: up to 48pcs SC simplex

  • Max. capacity: 48 fibres

  • Max. qty of splice tray: 4pcs

  • Max. capacity of splice tray: 12 fibres

Optical Fibre IRU Sliding Termination Enclosure UODF-RS48

  • Standard size, light weight, anti-static spraying structure

  • Slide out drawer for easy cable management

  • FC, SC, ST (up to 24 fibre), LC (up to 48 fibre)

  • Front access panel design for easy operation

  • Suitable for 19’’ standard optical distribution cabinets

  • Max. capacity 48 fibre, two splice trays of 24 fibre

  • 4 fibre cable entry ports at rear side

  • White or black colour

  • Material: anti-static sprayed cold-roll steel

  • 435x317.3x45.5mm / 4.2kg

Dome Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure UV010

  • Size / weight: Φ146 x 30mm / 5.5kg

  • Material: PP plastic

  • Capacity: 12, 24, 48 fibers

  • Max. qty of splice tray: 4pcs

  • Max. capacity of splice tray: 12 fibers

  • Cable port: 1 oval port + 3 round port

  • Heat shrinkable sealing structure

  • Application: outdoor aerial, underground

Indoor wall-mount distribution box UXH-48

  • Dimension(mm): 420x340x120

  • Material: ABS+PC

  • Working temperature: -40 to 60 oC

  • Relative humidity: < 93% (at 40oC)

  • Atmospheric pressure: 62kpa to 101kpa

  • Insulation resistance: > 1000MΩ (500VDC)

  • Withstand voltage: > 300VDC for 1 minute

  • Application: indoor wall mounted

Fibre Optic Distribution Box UKXH-8

  • 8 core

  • Size / weight: 220x200x65mm / 710g

  • Material: ABS+PC

  • Working temperature: -40 ~ 60ᵒC

  • Relative humidity: <93% @+40ᵒC

  • Atmosheric pressure: 62kpa ~ 101kpa

  • Insulation resistance > 1000MΩ (500VDC)

  • Withstand voltage > 300VDC for 1 min