Cable Management Accessories

For fiber distribution manage.

  • Splice tray (12 ibers, 24 ibers)
  • 60mm and 40mm heatshrink protection sleeve
  • Fiber bend radius limiter
  • Other tools

M6x12 Cabinet Rack Mounting Screw+Washer+Cage nut

Optical Fiber Tension Drop Wire Clamp

Fibre Distribution Frame

  • Indoor cable distribution
  • Fiber entry via top or bottom available
  • High-density and modular design
  • Max. capacity up to 792 fibers
  • No tools are needed during operation
  • Safety design in grounding and security door
  • Customisation

Fibre Interconnect Cabinet

  • Outdoor and indoor application
  • Anti-corrosive and water-proof
  • Easily and safely fiber distribution
  • Max capacity up to 288 fibers
  • Modular design
  • Easy to upgrade and Customization

Fibre Distribution Box

Wall-mounted distribution unit and used in the building to distribute the fibers to each signal point for each floor.

  • Indoor application
  • Fiber splice, optical splitter, cable storage
  • Max capacity up to 72 fibers
  • Customisation

Indoor/Outdoor Fibre Terminal Box

  • Outdoor and indoor applications
  • High quality engineering plastic construction
  • IP55 for outdoor environment
  • Max splicing capacity up to 72 fibers
  • Max loading PLC splitter up to 2x16ch

User Terminal Box

  • Indoor wall mounted
  • FIC connector, fusion splice, splitter solutions
  • Compact Structure
  • Last meter fiber termination unit
  • Capacity 1- 4 fibers

Fiber Splice Enclosure

  • High quality engineering plastic
  • For underground, aerial, and pole-mounted
  • Applications Fusion splice, adapter, splitter type available Capacity up to 288 fibers

Rack Mount Patch Panel

They are modular optic fiber distribution units for standard 19" ODF and rack shelf.

  • PLC splitter type panel, up to 2x64 in 1U
  • Splice type panel, up to 96 fibers in 1U
  • Fixed and drawer type available
  • Front panel can be adapter type, cassette type, blind type
  • Up to 4U Customizable