Sumitomo TYPE-72C High Definition Core Aligning Fusion Splicer

Excellent Performance

    • Faster Splicing 5s / Heating 9s
    • Splicing loss SMF 0.01dB(Typical)
    • Fully optimized dual independent ovens

User Friendly

    • Touch panel operation with brand-new UI
    • Smartphone-like easy operation
    • Long-life battery for 300 splice & heat cycles

High Environment Durability

    • IPx2 water protection, IP5x dust protection
    • Work at 6000m, 76cm drop on 5 faces

Sumitomo TYPE-71M12 Mass fusion splicer for up to 12 fibre ribbon

Industry only dual independent heaters and Auto Clamping Adjustment System "ACAS"

  • Two Independent Heaters for High Productivity
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Durable & Rugged

Sumitomo FC-8R series Cleaver

FC-8R-FC is a hand held cleaver with auto rotating blade, smart cleave counter and offcut collector, for up to 12 fibre ribbon.

The industry's first automatic blade rotation cleaver.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • One hand operation with minimal steps
  • The FC-8R can make 60,000 cleaves. Manual blade rotation and blade height adjustment are not necessary.
  • Advanced automatic fibre offcut collection

Product Comparisons

Spare parts for Fusion splicer & Cleaver

For makers of ILSintech, Fujikura, Furukawa (FITEL), Sumitomo, INNO, JiLong, DVP

SWIFT Core to Core Alignment Single fibre Fusion Splicer K11

Swift K11 is the most advanced and best performance core-to-core alignment for every splicing purposed like medium and long range optical circuit, LAN, CATV, FTTx with least loss. With compact, light, rugged design and long life battery, it delivers high precision performance. Furthermore, 5 inch color monitor with touch screen offers users more convenient and efficient working process.

Ilsintech Swift Multi-Pack F installation tool is designed to assemble Swift fusion splice on connectors: stripping, cleaning, cleaving and sleeving.

  • Works with Swift fusion splicers and other company’s splicers.
  • Stripping time is only: 1.5 seconds.
  • The single-action cleaver also comes with an attached chip collector
  • No scratches from heated stripping.
  • The one-touch cleaning alcohol pump is easy to refill.

SWIFT Mini-sized Fibre Cleaver with auto return & fibre capture bin CI-03B

  • Single Action(Full Automatic) for cleaving & collecting fiber chips
  • Oil Damper System
  • High Precision Blade with 16 Cleave channel
  • Fiber Diameter: 125㎛, Coating Diameter: 250 ~ 900㎛
  • Cleave Angle: 90°± 0.5°, Blade Life time of 50,000
  • Cleave Length: Single 5mm~16 mm (coated fiber ≤ 250㎛) / Single 10mm~16mm
  • Dimension of 88×55×48m, Weight of 350g

High performance Fibre Cleaver CLV-X6

Fibre Cleaver CLV-X6-2 with fibre auto-capture bin

  • Bare fibre diameter 125µm
  • Coating fibre diameter 250µm, 900µm
  • Cleaving length 250µm: 9 ~ 16mm; 900µm: 10 ~ 16mm
  • Blade life 54000
  • Auto return
  • FTTH fibre holder
  • Size (H x W x D) 76 x 65 x 63mm, Wight About 450g

High Quality 1.4 Litres Sharp Bin USB1400, with screw top

Fibre Scraps Trash Bin USB200 (90mm x 70mm, or 200ml) provides the user with the safest method of disposing of glass fibre scraps because it can be incinerated when full.

Stainless steel tweezers with anti-static tips USST

  • Swiss Quality stainless steel tweezers
  • High precision, anti magnetic, Non-corrosive

Anti-Static Clean Brush UASCB

Ideal for cleaning V-Groove of the Fusion splicer, general cleaning for Fusion splicer and cleaver.


Hand pump for cleaning fusion splicer, cleaver etc. by blowing away the fibre off cuts, dust etc. with optimal blowing strength

Heat Shrink Splice Protectors

  • Single fibre protector of 40mm (USP40), 45mm (USP45) & 60mm (USP60)
  • Slim single fibre protector 30mm (USP30)
  • Ribbon fibre of 40mm (URSP40) & 60mm (URSP60)
  • Micro size single fibre protector of 25mm (UMSP25) & 30mm (UMSP30)

Fibre Protective Tube

  • Diameter 4.5 / 6mm, 10m roll (UPCT60), for ribbon fibre
  • Diameter 3 / 4.3mm, 30m roll (UPCT30), for single fibre