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Sumitomo TYPE-72C+ high definition core aligning fusion splicer

excellent performance

user friendly

Sumitomo TYPE-72M12 ribbon fibre splicer

industry only dual independent heaters and Auto Clamping Adjustment System "ACAS"

Sumitomo ribbon hot jacket remover from 200~400μm ribbon & single fibre, it includes....

JR-6+ tool, BU-6 battery, PC-BC DC cord, ADC-12205, AC cord, soft carrying pouch, Allen key, user guide, hand strap and a cleaning brush

V-groove steel brush VGT-2

cleaver FC-8R series

SumiCloud™ is a powerful tool that supports your fusion splicer in the field and the office.

your splicer connects to the internet and Sumitomo's cloud services which include data management, asset management, firmware updates and maintenance support.