Ripley hard-line cable sheath stripping tool

U163.3 for for CX50

Ripley coring & stripping tool

U163.2 for CX50

Ripley hard-line cable sheath stripping tool

U160.3 for CX75

Ripley oring & stripping tool

U160.2 for CX75

Ripley center conductor cleaner with multiple, v-shaped cleaning notches, U162.1

Coring Blade Kit For CC 100, C168.3

Lemco Y-190 centre conductor cleaner

with Flat Blades plus Spares

Ripley Cablematic QRT 320 all-in-one coring & stripping tool, U161.3, TELSTRA 740/113

CablePrep  QRT 320 all-in-one coring & stripping tool,  U51.8, TELSTRA 740/96

drop cable stripping tool/preparation tool for RG11 cable, C166.2

C166.3.1, CablePrep CPT6590, for RG 6 cable

replacement blades for C166.2 (CPT-1100 RG11 cable strip tool) C166.5

cable preparation tool for RG6 U166.3

Ripley torque wrench for F connector, 30 lb/in for RG11 connector U169.2

Ripley torque wrench for F connector, 30 lb/in for RG6 connector U164.6

Ripley torque wrench for RG6 connector angled head  U164.1

Cablematic insertion & flaring tool, U165.6.1

RG 6, RG11, UTP, STP, CAT5,6 cable stripping & cutting tool, U5059

RG6, RG11 coaxial cable stripping tool, U323

Compression tool for TRS, DRS, RCA, BNC and IEC connectors, UPCTAIOCT, for RG6, 11 connectors

RG6, RG11 compression fitting tool U167.2

U-518H, adjustable crimping tool for RG6, F, BNC & RCA waterproof connectors

RG6, 59 F connector Insertion, flaring & stripping tool tool (4-in-1) U224S

ARIA wall box key 5mm double bit – for both 3mm and 5mm Locks, C.ARIAKEY

MDU security box access tool UMDUSBST

NBN PCD access tool FDH key U190.2

F port security termination U165.5, TEL74000021

security shield tool, 7/16 C165.1, TEL74000017

long handle security shield tool, 7/16 U165.1.2

Ripley cable cutter for up to 0.75 inch cable U165.7

IRODA PT-500 PRO blow torch

HighField Key H160

TELSTRA# 740/68

cross multi-function wrench tool, MFWT-E

imperial Hex screw driver set

3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2 inch