12Fibers SC/APC Singlemode NBN 9/125um Ribbon Fanout Pigtail 3m Breakout 12FAN-SCA-3m

Compliant with IEC-61754, Telcordia-GR-326-CORE with pre-terminated pigtails

OTDR port Protector:

  • SC/APC (both ends)
  • SC/UPC (female) - SC/APC (male)

1310, 1625nm Filters for OTDR Live Fibre Testing LF1310, LF1625

The 1310, 1625nm filters are used for OTDR testing in a live fibre link at 1310, 1625nm wavelengths.

OTDR Launch Box ULB-xx

  • Case can house up to 2,000 meters of fiber
  • No microbend, low connectors loss
  • Designed to prevent fibre damage

OTDR launch box with multiple fibre spools, and various connectors

Size: 280 x 246 x 106mm

Multiple Fibre Spool in 6RU, up to 100km in length per unit

High Performance OTDR AE3000

  • High performance OTDR for FTTx and RFoG networks
  • 7”, 800x480 LCD touchscreen
  • Excellent short-distance performance with 0.8m event dead zone and 4m attenuation dead zone
  • Broad dynamic range coverage (28 - 39 dB)
  • Minimum 5cm resolution, intelligent analysis of events
  • Excellent stability and repeatability
  • "FiberPass" intelligent analysis feature
  • Multiple options for your measurement needs, including: VFL, power meter, light source, and optical fiber microscope
  • Complete user data ports: support LAN, USB, SD, & more
  • Save both sor and pdf
  • Low noise after the optical splitters, ideal for FTTC applications

Optical Fibre F-Set

The Seeker (Optical F-Set) finds the required cable from a large number of cables with the sound and LED flash, it works with AE3000 OTDR.

  • No damage to the fiber optic cables, non-contact, and easy to operate
  • High sensitivity, stable and reliable
  • Detectable power Range: -60 ~ +15dBm
  • Detectable fibre length: up to 150km
  • Interface: non-contact
  • Display mode: speaker and LED
  • Operating Temperature/Humidity: 0-50℃ / ≤85%
  • Power: two AAA alkaline batteries

High Performance OTDR APL-2

  • DSP-Enhanced OTDR for Detectionand Estimation of Events
  • Built-in VFL and OPM
  • 7 inch color LCD, Multi-touch screen
  • Multi-wavelength testing and display
  • User-friendly OTDR simulation software shows details of events
  • Max 5 wavelengths of 850/1300/1310/1550/1625nm
  • SM & MM
  • Input laser signal auto detection and self-protection function
  • Low noise after the optical splitters, ideal for FTTC applications

Comprehensive & Easy to use OTDR UOTDR600

  • Automatic Measurement: the measurement parameters are automatically set, and the trace data is automatically saved and analyzed at selected measurement wavelength
  • Multi-wavelength Measurement
  • Trace Fixing Function: on the same-screen displays two traces, with one trace under testing and another reference trace.
  • High dynamic range up to 38 dB.
  • Continuing working duration over 8 hours.
  • Bellcore SR4731 file format (.sor): with the storage of greater than 10,000 traces.
  • Link active detection.