11mm rodder splicing

fibreglass rodder repair

gas detector service

replace O2, CO, LEL, H2S sensors, pump, filter, etc. for Honeywell, U836 series 4-in-1 gas detectors.

replace re-chargeable batteries.

Honeywell gas detector repair

aspirator pump+pipe for Gas Detector

PN: U836-APP

Honeywell BW power charger


MicroClip XL, XT, X3, replacement test cap, hose

battery repack

repair the battery connection

for 16NDD02030201, NetComm FTTC Installation, Assistant with G.Fast Test Kit

RadioDetection Tx direct connection lead for RD7000/ RD8000/ 8100

RadioDetection carry bag for RD7000/ RD8000/ 8100