Ethernet Cabling Tester TC500

Designed for Ethernet systems, TC500 measures the speed and performance on CAT3, CAT5e and CAT6 cables according to ANSI/ TIA/EIA-568-13 and ISO/IEC 11801 to ensure the cable qualification.

  • Contains amain unit and a remote unit.

  • Multi connector: one RJ45 connector for UTP/STP data cable testing, one F connector for coax testing, one RJ11 connector for telephone cable testing and two banana jacks for 2-wires testing

  • Support International standard ISO/IEC 11801 and American standard TIA/EIA-568-B

  • Tone generator

  • Two additional functions: Ping and BER Test

  • Store at least 100 results

  • Toolbox software to analyze the results on PC

Network LCD Cable Tester U8108

  • Continuity test for open & short circuits, jumper wire map, reverse connection or cross-talk interference

  • 5E, 6E, STP/UTP network cable, telephone and coaxial cable

  • Cable hunting and sorting

  • Cable length, and the distance of open and short circuits

  • Dynamically calibrate cable length and make length measurement as accurate as 97%. Large LCD

  • Portable unit with long battery life (standby mode for over 50 hours). Auto time delay shut off

  • Far-end recognizer with prompting tone

U-4001, for CAT6, CAT5e

24 port plastic blank UTP patch panel with 24pcs keystone jacks & bracket

U-4010B, 24 port or 48 port UTP patch panel

A: CAT5e 24 port, B: CAT6 24 port

C: CAT5e 48 port, D: CAT6 48 port

Dual IDC or 110 IDC

U-1020 single U-1019 dual

Face plate 86x86mm

U-1207 single U-1208 dual

Face plate 86x86mm, 45áµ’

U-1084 crimping tool, A:8p, B:6p, C:4p

U-5032 crimping tool (ratchet type)

A: 8p+6p, B: 4p+6p

U-1063D, 19 inch cable manager

metal, 1U

5 Way Horizontal PDU, 10A Sockets

10A Overload switch

10A Moulded Plug, 3m lead

U-2116 LAN cable

A: CAT6 UTP solid cable

B: CAT6 FTP cable

C: CAT6 S-FTP cable

D: CAT6 FFTP cable

E: CAT7 S-FTP cable

Colour: grey, blue, red, yellow, green

Length: 305/box, or as request

U-2115 LAN cable

A: CAT5e UTP solid cable

B: CAT5e waterprrof cable

C: CAT5e FTP cable

D: CAT5e S-FTP cable

Colour: grey, blue, red, yellow, green

Length: 305/box, or as request

U-2021 modular plug

A: 4p4c, B:6p6c, C:8p8c CAT5e, D:6p6c,

F: 8p8c CAT5E shield,

J: 8p8c CAT6 with insert,

K: 8p8c CAT6 shield,

L: 8p8c CAT7 with insert & shield

Comply with ISO/IEC 11801 & ANSI TIA/EIA-568-B