modular plugs Ethernet cables EZ crimp tool

Ethernet cabling tester TC500

Designed for Ethernet systems, TC500 measures the speed and performance on CAT3, CAT5e and CAT6 cables according to ANSI/ TIA/EIA-568-13 and ISO/IEC 11801 to ensure the cable qualification.

network cable tester U8108

U-4001 CAT6, CAT5e patch panel

24 port plastic blank UTP patch panel with 24pcs keystone jacks & bracket

U-4010B UTP patch panel

U-1084 crimping tool, A:8p, B:6p, C:4p

U-5032 crimping tool (ratchet type)

A: 8p+6p, B: 4p+6p

U-1063D, 19 inch cable manager

metal, 1U

5 way horizontal PDU, 10A sockets 

10A overload switch

10A moulded plug, 3m lead