Swift K33 IPAAS core alignment fusion splicer

a highly advanced and accurate IPAAS Core-to-Core alignment fusion splicer.

Swift KR12 ribbon fibre fusion splice

a premium fusion splicer to splice from a single fibre to multiple fibres (ribbon). 

Swift KF4 is a very versatile and extremely accurate active cladding alignment fusion splicer. Slim, yet rugged and extremely light.

OFA-01 Fibre Arrangement Tool

Sumitomo Lightwave’s compact OFA-01 quickly and effortlessly arranges single fibers into ribbons for mass fiber splicing, all without the use of adhesives. It offers the versatility of utilizing 250um or 200um fibers and is compatible with Sumitomo Electric’s elite Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicers.

ribbon separator

V-groove fibre alignment tool

MULTIPACK single to ribbon fibre strip + clean + cleave within ONE TOOL (Patent Pending)

Ilsintech auto stripper (patented)

Ilsintech window stripper (patented)