parramatta Rope

U675-294 | TEL675/294, Telstra approved. Standard centre feed coil size is 400m x 6mm. Tensile strength of 602kg. Coil nominal weight 7kg.

uncoiling portable rotary reel

3mm PP Mono Braid Orange Polyethylene 

U675-83 | TEL675/83, 3mm x 1000m continuous length on a plastic spool with a tensile strength of 90kg. 

rope re-use caddy CS007-3

subduct 32mm CL6 x 600m coil

rubber plug for 20~30mm pipe, U73216 | TEL73/216 

rubber plug for 50mm pipe, U73218 | TEL73/218

PVC Tag Telstra installation 97/104

fibreglass support bar for Telstra pit

nylon plaster hollow wall screw

safety gloves (EN 388)

large size nylon cable tie

regular stock item

other size is available on request.

half saddle metal heavy duty

full saddle metal heavy duty

25mm conduit holder

mower guard cable cover

coupling 50mm ID white communications, U.JC50IDWH

50mm ID NBN/Telstra Bush Coup, white, U.BUSH50WH

galvanized bow shackle bolt