Rubber plug for 20~30mm pipe, U73216 | TEL73/216

Rubber plug for 50mm pipe, U73218 | TEL73/218

Parramatta Rope

U675-294 | TEL675/294, Telstra approved. Standard centre feed coil size is 400m x 6mm. Tensile strength of 602kg. Coil nominal weight 7kg.

Parramatta Rope Rotary Reel URCRR to avoid tangle problem during rope releasing, outer / inner diameter: 45cm / 11~21cm

Rope Re-use Caddy CS007

  • Type 1: 49x39x51cm (LxWxH)

  • Type 2: 60x39x53cm (LxWxH)

  • Large crank handle

  • On the floor or on the back of the vehicle

  • For re-use the parramatta rope

3mm PP Mono Braid Orange Polyethylene

U675-83 | TEL675/83, 3mm x 500m continuous length on a plastic spool with wide throat for fast payoff. This 3mm draw-line has a tensile strength of 90kg.

Subduct 32mm CL6 x 600m coil

Y Connector For Lead-In Conduits

Fibreglass support bar for Telstra pit

  • 500x40x3.3mm, Black

  • 2100x40x3.3mm, Black

PVC Tag Telstra installation 97/104

Mower guard cable cover

  • 25x25mm, 32x32mm, 38x38mm, 50x50mm, 75x75mm, 100x100mm

  • Green wall plugs, 7x25mm

  • Nylon anchor round head, 5x25mm

50mm ID NBN/Telstra Bush Coup, white, U.BUSH50WH

Coupling 50mm ID white communications, U.JC50IDWH