Network Installation Tools

  • Pit guards

  • Pit key

  • Pit seal breaker

  • Proving Mandrels

  • Electric Shock Proof Mats

  • High LV voltage gloves

The Fibre Glass Duck, Snake Cable Puller Rodders

  • The fibreglass duck rods

  • The snake cable puller rods

  • The drop cable handler

  • Cable roller, wheel head & take-up pulley

  • Facial risers

Network Installation Testers

  • Gas detector

  • Inspection camera

  • Measuring wheel, Height measurement stick

  • Underground Cable Locator

Band clamp, buckle, pole hook

  • The stainless steel band

  • The teethed buckle

  • Tighting & cutting tool

  • Band-it screw hook bracket


  • Telstra approved paramatta rope, 400mx6mm

  • Orange rope, 500mx3mm

  • Rubber plug for 20~30mm, 50mm pipe

  • Y connector

  • Fibreglass support bar for pit

  • PVC tag etc.