E8900A  5G portable spectrum analyzer

spectrum analysis

5G NR spectrum measurement

The upper window shows the time domain waveform of a 10ms (20ms or 40ms) 5G-NR frame with SSB and the spectrum in the lower window, shows the spectrum symbol in a specific time slot.

5G NR base station analysis

G NR base station analysis

In 5G NR, the concept of the “beam” is defined. The SSB is sent in a period of 20ms (default), and 8 (or 4) SSBs are transmitted in the first 5ms of each 20ms. Each SSB represents a Beam and is sent to a different direction. E8900A can test the physical cell ID (PCI) of the base station and the beam ID and power (SS-RSRP) of the current location.

5G NR drive test

4G LTE base station analysis

5G NR interference detection

other interference analysis