connector, RG6 trishield C135.2

TELSTRA# = 73900168

NBN# = 10026331

OPTUS SAP# =  481

PPC connector, F right angle indoor/outdoor 

C140.2 | TELSTRA# 739/174 

universal compression connector, extended body, RG11 cable  

C135.3 | TELSTRA# 739/169

PPC F-conn RG11 right-angle, indoor/outdoor compression  

C135.4 | TELSTRA# 739/173 

PPC TR75S terminator, “F” Port 75 ohm

C146.2 | TELSTRA# 739/131

female splice adapter, 3GHz, indoor wall plate version 

C147.2 | TELSTRA# 739/108 

F-type male to F-Type male joiner

C140.1 | TELSTRA# 739/138 

F-type attenuator (Pad) 

test purposes:

PPC CL-36251 F-to-G adapter used in GNAs & Les,

C201.2 | TELSTRA# 737/402

indoor/outdoor F-female to G-male push-on adapter C201.3

push-on adapter, F-female to G male used in taps and Hubs.

C150.1 | TELSTRA# 739/124 

Gilbert GPF-59 adaptor, F male to F female

quick disconnect test purposes

C51.3 | TELSTRA# 739/119 

PPC C CH BAFFKS adaptor, BAFF–KS to F female

C150.1 | TELSTRA# 739/124 

Gilbert G-KS-KS-MLKG-T adaptor, male splice 

housing to housing network


PPC CF61G1ATC connector, KS port to RG11

C149.1 | TELSTRA# 739/112 

PPC CSPB splice block (in-line)

C151.1 | TELSTRA# 739/121 

PPC C KSF KSM PB TC connector, power blocking 

C145.6 | TELSTRA# 739/105 

C144.1 | Telstra 739/99 

C144.2 | Telstra 739/167

PCC C KS KS ULT TC adaptor, housing to housing male rotational, indoor MDU internal network

C145.7 | TELSTRA# 739/128

PPC 1-90-CN adaptor, 90° next generation network

C142.2 | TELSTRA# 739/91 

PPC GRS 7C SP QR adaptor 

splice for QR320 cable network

C52.1 | TELSTRA# 739/130 

Gilbert GRS 7 C-CH -QR connector, KS pin connector for QR320 riser cable

C51.7 | TELSTRA# 739/132

premises 2-way splitter

L1.3.1 | TELSTRA# 738/60

premises 3-way splitter

L1.3.2 | TELSTRA# 738/11

premises amplifier

A.PPC5UU6585 | TELSTRA# 40003103

power supply + power inserter for premises amplifier

D.PWRKIT | TELSTRA# 40003104

C111.1 | TELSTRA# 739/66

C102.1 | TELSTRA# 739/55 

C102.2 | TELSTRA# 739/56 

C141.1 | TELSTRA# 739/87

C141.2 | TELSTRA# 739/88

C141.3 | TELSTRA# 739/89 

The ARRIS 9000‐L Power Bypass Tap (PBT) series 1 GHz multi‐tap device taps off part of the input RF signal, dividing it into multiple outputs and allowing remaining signal to pass through. A multi‐tap combines a directional coupler and splitter to produce a specific value or signal loss from the multi‐tap’s input to its tap ports and are available in 2‐way, 4‐way, and 8‐way models that offer 2‐, 4‐, and 8‐tap ports, respectively.