Bridle ring - 31mm diameter shaft length 38 mm (AS1214)

H301.3.5 | TELSTRA# 424/8

Bridle ring with plate TEL424/89

Drop wire hook U424-59 | TEL424/59

Clamp D Lashing Wire CBL Si2176


Span Clamp “Q” H301.3.2 | TELSTRA# 745/46

Span Clamp, multi directional H401.3 | TELSTRA# 745/134

Wirelink R5058 IM Aerial Lead-In for hardline cable H401.2 | Telstra Serial 74500109

Dead End bracket H401.1 | TELSTRA# 745/098

Universal drop wire clamp H304.3.12

Drop Wire Insulator Aerial clamp O rings H304.3.13

Cable Tie (Cable support strap)

  • 7“ aluminum, H404.1 | TELSTRA# 740/334

  • 10“ aluminum, H404.2 | TELSTRA# 740/257

  • UCT450400 Bead type self-locking stainless steel cable tie 4.6 x 400 mm

  • Cable support strap - 175mm, H301.2.2 | TELSTRA# 745/18

  • Cable support strap - 250mm, H301.2.3 | TELSTRA# 745/19

  • Cable support strap - 400mm, H301.2.4 / TELSTRA# 745/20

Cable spacer - multiple cables

H305.4.6 | TELSTRA# 745/87

Cable Spacer - single cable

H301.2.1.1 / TELSTRA# 745/17

Telstra NBN Isolator Bracket

U738-72 | TEL738/72

Formex Eng Bracket, Tap and Coupler mounting (stainless steel)

H301.1.3 | TELSTRA# 740/110

Unistrut F 11000-ZPA Bracket

mounting for GNA or HUB Network

F2.41.40 | TELSTRA# 426/131

Formex Eng Bracket, OM4100 hub


  • Bell-irh Jcwfe-250 Bolt, King M16 x 250 long Galv Aerial H.SI-1420

  • PLP Line products Jcwfe-300 Bolt, King M16 x 300 long Galv Aerial H.SI-1422

  • PLP Line products Jcwfe-350 Bolt, King M16 x 350 long Galv Aerial H.SI-1424

  • PLP Line products Jcwfe-400 Bolt, King M16 x 400 long Galv Aerial H.SI-1426

  • Bell-irh Jcwfe-450 Bolt, King M16 x 450 long Galv Aerial H.SI-1428

  • Austec J805 1M Bolt, Thimble Eye M16 x 250mm long Galv Aeria H305.6.3

  • Austec J805 2M Bolt, Thimble Eye M16 x 300mm long Galv Aeria H305.6.4

  • PLP Line products J805 3M Bolt, Thimble Eye M16 x 350mm long Galv Aerial H305.6.5

  • PLP Line products J805 4M Bolt, Thimble Eye M16 x 400 mm long Galv Aerial H305.6.6

  • PLP Line products THEB5/8-18 Bolt, Thimble Eye 5/8” x 18” long Galv Aerial H305.6.7

Base attachement for Drop Distribution Plate

H305.5.7 | TELSTRA# 745/12

Bell - irh J6550c Thimble, eyelet, unthreaded (dead – end terminations) Aerial

J8053 | TELSTRA# 745/8

Morlyn SK 950802 Insulator, standoff, aerial construction Aerial

H305.4.7 | TELSTRA# 745/77

Aluminium Tap Bracket (Strand Mount)

H301.1.1 | Telstra Serial 74500016

Pole End Pig Tail Bracket, Drop Base Attachment


Line Extender Mounting Bracket, Hot Dip Gal, L-shape