USL840 series 400 - 550 MHz RF-over-Fiber Transceiver

For analog and digital radio and intercom systems.

The basic model USL841-13/15 (by a distal end and a proximal end machine machine components) can achieve 1 to 1 communication.

The USL844-15 model enables multi-point communications (one machine and four proximal distal machine), and achieve a proximal end machine with up to eight Communication distal end machines.

Near and far end devices have the RF output gain adjustment, adjustable range is 32dB (1dB step). Transmission distance: a drag can reach 20KM; more than a trailer is up to 10KM. Each device has the alarm and radio alarm function.

Except the basic RF signal transmission, they also have built-in FSK transparent transmission channel, for network management, with RS232 signal transmission.


  • Input signal level: 0dBm; Output signal level: 0dBm

  • OIP3: -60dBc; Bottom noise: -130dBm / Hz

  • Fiber Quantity: Bidirectional

  • Optical interface: FC / APC; RF Interface: SMA-50Ω

  • Power: DC 12V; Power connector and FSK interfaces: DB9

L-band Satellite 950~2150MHz RF-over-Fiber Transceiver

A set of optical transmitter and receiver work at 950~2150MHz. It converts all L-Band analog signals received by the satellite antenna tuner LNB into optical signals, and achieves high Quality, no distortion, long-distance transmission. It can be used for satellite building fiber distribution, satellite L-Band uplink/downlink.

  • Working frequency bandwidth (950~2150MHz), which can transmit all analog or digital signals of the entire satellite L-Band.

  • Transmission distance (optional 10Km, 40Km, 60Km).

  • Output optical power: 1mW~20mW (1310nm) for choice. Provide the industry's largest output optical power.

  • The optical transmitter has a built-in high linearity AGC to adapt to different levels of input positions.

  • The optical receiver is equipped with manual gain adjustment, which can compensate fiber loss at different distances.

  • The front LED provides status display and fault diagnosis.

  • Optical transmitter can provide +15V or +18V power supply for LNB through coaxial cable.

  • Strong anti-electromagnetic, radio frequency, lightning interference ability.

RF indicators and parameters

  • In-band flatness: ±1.25dB max, ±1dB typical, 0.25 dB @any 36MHz

  • Standing wave ratio: 1:1.6

  • Intermodulation: ≤-40dBc

  • Carrier to noise ratio: 35 dB @36MHz/10km

  • Input signal range: -40dBm~-20dBm

  • Output signal range: -40 dBm~-20dBm

  • Gain stability: ±0.25@24hrs

  • Link gain: 0±10dB

  • OIP3: 0 or 5 dBm

  • Noise index: 42dB

  • RF connector: F type (75Ω)

Optical transmission indicators and parameters

  • Working light wavelength and laser:
    Type A: 1310nm FP (10km)
    Type B: 1310nm DFB (40km)
    Type C: 1550nm DFB (60km)

  • Output optical power: ≥3dBm

  • Maximum allowed optical input power: ≤0dBm

  • Optical receiving sensitivity: ≤-20dBm

  • Optical connector: FC/APC

General parameters

  • Working power supply voltage: +15V

  • Consumption current: ≤350mA/terminal

  • Working temperature: -10-+60℃

  • Storage temperature: -40-+85℃

SD, HD, 3G-SDI signal-over-Fiber Transmitter & Receiver

  • Upload 1 unidirectional SD, HD, 3G-SDI signal over single fiber

  • The frequency range: 19.4Mb/s to 2.97Gb/s

  • Support: SMPTE424M, SMPTE292M, SMPTE259M, SMPTE297M, SMPTE305M, SMPTE310M and DVB-ASI(EN50083-9)

  • The output light wavelength of 1310nm/1550nm

  • Long transmission capability up to 40 km

  • 100m automatic cable equalization

  • LED status indicators monitor key parameters

  • Support hot swap

  • Wall-mounted installation

  • Input number: 1 way

  • Reflection loss: >15DB

  • Equalization: 0-100m @ 2.97Gb/s

  • Connector: 75Ω BNC

Optical output

  • Number of outputs: 1

  • Cable transmission type: single fiber

  • Working wavelength: 1310nm /1550nm

  • Reflection loss:> 15dB

  • Jitter: <0.2UI

  • Connector: LC/PC

  • Serial TV BNC output (EO/OE) Same as input

  • Number of outputs: 2 outputs at the receiving end

  • Signal level: 800mV nominal

  • Rise/fall time: 200ps nominal

  • Overshoot: <10% amplitude

  • Reflection loss:> 15dB

  • Jitter: <0.2UI

Electrical indicators

  • Working temperature: 0℃~+50℃

  • Voltage 1A@12VDC

  • Power 12 W

  • EMI/RFI complies with FCC Part 15 Class A, EU EMC indicators

  • Mean trouble-free working time ﹥100,000 hours

CATV-over-Fibre Transmitter & Receiver

  • Digital TV FTTH (include DVB-T)

  • Integration of three networks


HS-2900 Transmitter

  • Excellent linearity and flatness

  • SMF high return loss

  • GaAs amplifier active devices

  • Ultra low noise technology

  • DFB laser

  • Smaller size & easier to install

  • Red-LED for power indication

HS-9122L Receiver

  • Extra-low noise (3.8% modulate, -10dBm receive, CNR ≥ 45dB)

  • Wide dynamic receiving optical power range: within Pin=-15, MER≥36.7dB

  • Applicable GPON, EPON, compatible with any FTTx PON technology

  • Within 47~862MHz bandwidth, all with excellent flatness feature (FL≤±0.75dB)

  • Metal case, offer safeguard for opt-electronic sensitive devices

  • Low consumption, high performance & high reliability