GSM / CDMA / WCDMA Optical Transceivers

  • 350 MHz/450 MHz /900 MHz /1800 MHz /1900 MHz /2.1 GHz/2.2 GHz
  • GSM/WCDMA/CDMA/TD-SCDMA Repeater communication systems, DTV Optical Remote communication system
  • AGC, the automatic gain compensation
  • Good broadband characteristics, to ensure the system working at the same time
  • Good optical and radio frequency characteristics

USL840 series 400 - 550 MHz RF-over-Fiber Transceiver

For analog and digital radio and intercom systems.

The basic model USL841-13/15 (by a distal end and a proximal end machine machine components) can achieve 1 to 1 communication.

The USL844-15 model enables multi-point communications (one machine and four proximal distal machine), and achieve a proximal end machine with up to eight Communication distal end machines.

Near and far end devices have the RF output gain adjustment, adjustable range is 32dB (1dB step). Transmission distance: a drag can reach 20KM; more than a trailer is up to 10KM. Each device has the alarm and radio alarm function.

Except the basic RF signal transmission, they also have built-in FSK transparent transmission channel, for network management, with RS232 signal transmission.


  • Input signal level: 0dBm; Output signal level: 0dBm
  • OIP3: -60dBc; Bottom noise: -130dBm / Hz
  • Fiber Quantity: Bidirectional
  • Optical interface: FC / APC; RF Interface: SMA-50Ω
  • Power: DC 12V; Power connector and FSK interfaces: DB9

HD Link Fibre Extension System for Broadcast Vehicle

  • The system is composed of 4 channel optical transmitter and high-frequency receiver. The image signal received from the antenna is linearly amplified and transmitted through a dedicated cable at different optical wavelengths.
  • The special cable is composed of a two-wire, two-electricity, four-port.
  • The equipment case adopts a portable waterproof structure design.


  • Working frequency band: 155MHz ~ 855MHz
  • Maximum input level: <14dBm
  • Third-order intermodulation: 55dBc
  • Flatness: <± 0.2dB (within 36MHz)
  • Noise figure: 24dB
  • Optical power: > 3dBm
  • Output level: > -10dBm ± 5dBm
  • Group delay distortion: <2ns
  • Transmission distance: more than 1000 meters
  • Reverse power supply: + 18VDC maximum 400mA
  • Power supply: + 18V or AC 220V, with DC power adapter

High performance HD-SDI Over Optic Fiber Converter

  • Equalized serial digital video from 143 Mbps to 1.485 Gbps
  • Re-clocked serial digital video from 270 Mbps to 1.485 Gbps
  • Support SD/HD-SDI signal
  • Handles pathological pattern
  • Plug-and-play
  • Available in 1310nm, 1550nm and all eighteen CWDM wavelengths
  • Long transmission capability at least 10 km, up to 80 km
  • SFP modules offer easy product maintenance and configuration flexibility
  • SFP modules are fully hot swappable
  • CLASS1 laser safety product

ASI Optic Transceivers

  • HDTV
  • Living broadcast CATV
  • Surveillance
  • Digital broadcast application, studio signal routing, temporary OB or studio links
  • Remote camera links
  • Campus digital video distribution

ASI Audio/Video to Optical Fiber Links Equipment

  • Support all SMPTE 295M standard, from 19.4Mb/s to 540Mb/s
  • Support SMPTE 305M, SMPTE 310M, SMPTE 344M, DVB-ASI standard
  • Automatic coaxial input equalization, highest 50m@270Mbps
  • No impact of wrong television signal
  • Support hot swap
  • 1U rack mount