USL840 series 400 - 550 MHz RF-Over-Fiber transceiver

For analog and digital radio and intercom systems.

The basic model USL841-13/15 (by a distal end and a proximal end machine machine components) can achieve 1 to 1 communication.

The USL844-15 model enables multi-point communications (one machine and four proximal distal machine), and achieve a proximal end machine with up to eight Communication distal end machines.

Near and far end devices have the RF output gain adjustment, adjustable range is 32dB (1dB step). Transmission distance: a drag can reach 20KM; more than a trailer is up to 10KM. Each device has the alarm and radio alarm function.

Except the basic RF signal transmission, they also have built-in FSK transparent transmission channel, for network management, with RS232 signal transmission.


CATV-over-Fibre transmitter & receiver

HS-2900 transmitter

HS-9122L receiver