Fibre Optic Field Testers

  • Optical power meter, light source, PON meter, attenuator, VFL
  • Live fibre identifier & tracking
  • Optical connector video inspection


  • 1310/1625, 1310/1550/1625, 850/1300 MM & 1310/1550nm SM OTDR
  • Single, multiple OTDR launch fibre boxes
  • 1310, 1625nm filter for live fibre OTDR testing

Fusion Splicers & Cleavers

  • Ribbon fibre & Core-alignment single fibre fusion splicers
  • Blade auto rotation cleavers
  • Ribbon, single fibre & micro splice protectors

Fibre Tools

  • Stripper, Kevlar Shears, Rotary cutting tool, ROC dropping cable slitters+
  • Low pressure hand pump for Optical fibre enclosure air pressure control
  • Work stand for CommScope FIST, FOSC-D & TENIO closures, Corning closures, and Channell closure (140001/140002)
  • Universal clamp for closures diameter between 100 ~ 300 mm

Fibre Optic Cleaning

  • Pen style one-click cleaning, cassette for wide connectors cleaning
  • Pen style one-click with tip protection, ideal for high volume cleaning
  • Pen stype one-click Ultra cleaning
  • Cleaning stick, IPA, high quality wipe
  • A specially formulated cleaner for removing pik and cable gels

Fiber Video Inspection system

  • SC/FC/ST/E2000, 2.5mm ferrule male or female
  • LC/MU, 1.25mm ferrule, male or female
  • MPO/MTP connectors, male or female
  • PC or APC connector end face
  • OptiTap™ connectors, male or female
  • OptiTip™ connectors, male or female

Optical Passive Component

  • Grade A, B, C optical patchcords
  • Optical through connectors, adaptors
  • Fixed & variable optical attenuators

Optical Fibre Management

  • Labels, printers
  • Consumables
  • Fibre distribution box
  • Enclosure

Optical Laboratory Equipment

  • Precision optical insertion & return loss tester
  • Optical calibration station