IP camera tester

7 inch IPS TFT-LCD test monitor with capacitive touch screen ,1280*800 resolution 

Built in Wi-Fi can receive images from wireless cameras

ONVIF IP camera test, support 2592*1520

Test H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG IP cameras

HDMI signal output, support 1080p

Analog camera image display, auto adapts and display NTSC or PAL video formats

Customized IP cameras (with more than 80 brand camera ,such as DAHUA, Haikang, KEDA, Samsung, HIKVISION and TIANDY camera)

DC48V PoE power output, supplies temporary power for PoE cameras

Supports RS232/RS485, Rate 600 - 115,200bps adjustable

PTZ controller, Photograph, Video record, Record playback

Color bar generator, analog video color bar and testing image output

POE voltage test, PING test , IP address scan, port flashing etc

AHD/CVI/TVI camera test, snapshot, video record and playback, zoom

HD-SDI camera test, SDI input, 1280x720P 25Hz/ 1280x720P 30Hz/ 1280x720P 50Hz/ 1280x720P 60Hz/1920x1080P 25Hz/ 1920x1080P 60Hz/1920x1080I 50Hz/ 1920x1080I 60Hz 

Fibre Optic Perimeter Surveillance System applies fiber optic sensing and optical communications technology to build high level reliable security systems. The system is highly sensitive and intelligent, it is able to remove the situation of animal pass, background noise interference. 

The optical cables are shallowly buried in the soil, stone, gravel and turf around fences and walls. The system collects and analyses the data, monitors the designated area in real-time.

It can works with the security camera for recording, searching and notify the user via mobile messaging.

It has the advantage of low energy dependence, high environmental tolerance, anti-electromagnetic interference, resistance to corrosion, construction and maintenance, low cost, and is suitable for high-end residential , airports, power plants, refineries, military bases, borders, prisons, mines, warehouses, factories and other large and medium emphasis protected areas.