NBN onion bag for joint holder kit

sleeve, PE, 7.5mm, PE7.5mm.x

transparent in colour of green, orange, blue, brown

identification collet, 9mm ID, U.IC9mm.x

in colour of Green, Grey, Orange, White, Blue, Brown

Dexseal lead-in non-re-entereable closure

Picabond splice connectors U210X

connectors, 2 wire, 0.40 to 0.90mm 

connectors, make before break

PF cleaning wipes, bucket, U.51300176

sealant 10B, 250gm, Dexbond

U51300173 kit includes:

airblock sealant


rosin solder wire  SWR-0.8-2

high purity, 0.8mm/2m

butane gas refill 300ml