Miller type single-hole stripper UCFS-1

quality Miller type Tri-Hole fibre optic stripper UCFS-3

quality tri-hole stripper UCFS-4

quality kevlar shears U9011Z

U45-162 stripper 0~3.2mm O.D. (Grey)

U45-163 stripper 3.2~6.4mm O.D. (Blue)

U45-165 stripper 4.8~7.9mm O.D. (Black)

IDE-45-164 stripper 6.4~14.3mm O.D. (large Blue)

blue Jonard FOD-2000 cable slitter

black Corning RDST-000 fibre optic drop cable stripper

replacement blades

swivel blade stripper 8-28mm, Cabac KAM1

mid span slitter TK-11

mid span slitter TK-26

cable sheath slitter Kabifix KF28, G type

replacement blade for Kabifix FK28 G sripper

cable stripper AUA-F1

armored cable stripper ACS01

longitudinal & horizontal cable stripper UA-F9

crochet for fibre picking

work stand suit all FIST & FOSC-D closures, UWSFIST01

work stand suit all FIST & FOSC-D closures. Fit horizontal & vertical with easy swap, UWSFIST02

universal clamp for closures diameter between 100 ~ 300 mm, UWSFIST01-UNI

UWSFIST-GC02-FD6 work stand head

for CommsScope Tenio closures, UWSFIST01-TENIO

CommPump low pressure hand pump with gauge for Optical fibre enclosure air pressure control

for Corning closures, UWSFIST01-PIP (without the Corning metal plate)

security tool for FTTH PCD box with driver, U190.2 & UT9-T40

Tool Bag

U-300 LC connector extraction tool

Pro'sKit PM-905F Ultra-sharp Diagonal 

quality plane diagonal cutter 7 inch, U-266A

heavy duty diagonal cutter