Core Alignment vs Cladding Alignment Fusion Splicer

Core alignment fusion splicer provides lower loss fusion splices than cladding (V-Groove technology) fusion splicer’s for several reasons.

 Core Alignment Splicer                                               Cladding Alignment (V-Groove) Splicer

 Typical 0.02dB                                                                   Typical 0.05dB

 Core Detection System (CDS)                                  Profile Alignment System (PAS)

 Left: 3 motors,  Right: 3 motors                                Left: 1 motor, Right: 1 motor

 Two cameras                                                                        One camera

 Align the fibers in the X, Y and Z dimensions    Align the fibers in the Z dimension,  X, Y dimensions                                                                                                            relies on two V-Grooves

Core alignment fusion splicer is required for splicing G.652 to G.657A & B SMF.

The Causes of Fiber Misalignment for the Cladding Alignment (V-Groove) Fusion Splicer:

Sumitomo fusion splicer ribbon fibre holders

Loss calculation error found

Daniel Wu was trained at Fujikura Sakura factory in 1996