• Tools, components, consumables

  • Aerial fittings

  • Coaxial splitter, amplifier

  • CableReady, metal, PVC ducting

  • QAM analyser, Cable tracer


  • F-set, Buttinski, G.Fast, VDSL tester, TDR

  • Test leads for Quante, Krone etc.

  • Crimp, strip, compression, cutting Tools

  • NetComm FTTC installation tools

Civil Work

  • Pit guide & Pit key, Parramatta rope

  • The fibreglass rods, Road safety, Traffic signs

  • Height measurement stick, Gas detector

Electronics & Laboratory

  • Digital multi-meter (DMM)

  • Voltage detector

  • Battery capacity tester

  • Various test leads, consumables

Calibration, Service & Repairs

  • Optical, Gas detector, Cable locator calibration

  • OTDR, Ribbon and single Fusion splicer, Optical tester, Gas detector service